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            Suggestions for your Shopping List

We are in Mexico and logistics and supply chains are simply NOT the same.Sometimes there are outages and changes.... 

Take advantage of our tacos packages, fresh salsas, carnitas, ceviche, and even fried chicken packages for when you arrive!  


Bacon, ham, chorizo (meats), lunch meat




Pancake mix

Milk (specify what kind)



Fresh Fruit

Coffee and filters


Sugar or sweetener


Cheese (local cheese is very good)

Fresh breads 

Tortillas (fresh flour or corn) specify

Fresh vegetables - lettuce, onion, peppers,

    cilantro, etc.

Cottage cheese

Sour cream

Mayo, mustard

Peanut butter



Cream cheese

Seasonings - salt, pepper, garlic, cilantro, etc.

Snacks - cookies, peanuts, chips, crackers

Paper goods - napkins, paper towels, etc.

Cleaning supplies

We have added so many fun new options from Birria to Carnitas to Chicken Salad and AWESOME fresh salsas. Look to the left.


Ceviche is market price ...usually about 95 pesos. 

We also deliver alcohol, beer and wine. Gina is a sommelier so she can choose great value wines for you while you are here. 

Be creative...we have people ask for pool toys, coolers, towels and bathing suits.

Its really important for us as PigOut Groceries to support the local markets also.We do include big store shopping such as Costco, La Comer, and Soriana as we realize we have long-term and large group visitors. Our taco stands .... one is our own...we only work with the safest partners that use the highest safety precautions. 

Cheers! We are here for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Order Aracei’s cookies

directly on Facebook @Aracelli.thecookielady

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