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Suggestions for your Shopping List

Bacon, ham, sausage (meats)




Pancake mix

Milk (specify what kind)



Fresh Fruit



Sugar or sweetener


Cheese (local cheese is very good)

Fresh breads (artisan)

Tortillas (fresh flour or corn) specify

Lunch meats - Ham, Turkey, carnitas

Fresh vegetables - lettuce, onion, peppers,

    cilantro, etc.

Cottage cheese

Sour cream

Mayo, mustard

Peanut butter



Cream cheese

Seasonings - salt, pepper, garlic, cilantro, etc.

Snacks - cookies, peanuts, chips, crackers

Paper goods - napkins, paper towels, etc.

Cleaning supplies

Fresh made salsa or frijoles made daily at the market with chips upon your arrival is always good.

We also deliver alcohol, beer and wine. 

No frozen foods or ice delivery.

This is a basic list of ideas, but you may request anything and we will try to our best to accommodate. We shop at the local markets for the best price and quality.

it's really important for us as PigOut Groceries to support the local markets first! That said, we may include big store shopping such as Costco, La Comer, and Soriana as we realize we have long-term and large group visitors.

We shop many places to accommodate your needs, which sets us apart from any other food delivery service. We do not deliver or shop for non-grocery items.

We shop for the fresh and local best prices we can, so with that said we cannot do estimates as each order is different!

Be assured we are using all safety precautions to keep ourselves and you safe!


Thank You!

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Order Aracei’s cookies

directly on Facebook @Aracelli.thecookielady

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