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500 pesos gets you started with a Pig Out Shopper Pro.
We work with a variety of local, trusted sources and have special discounts that help keep your ticket cost lower. We also have Costco & Sams Club Memberships.Our owner is a Chef, Sommelier and Restauranteur Gina Rae Hendrix of Whiskey Kitchen.

There is a 10% service fee added to tickets up to 6,000 pesos. Above 6,000 pesos we begin 20% after the 6,000 pesos

>often we need an additional vehicle and have to dedicate delivery

Nuevo Vallarta, Mismaloya, Vidanta, Garza Blanca 500 pesos additional

Conchas Chinas, Amapas 300 pesos additional

We are ready to create a wonderful Puerto Vallarta experience, this is out hone and we are happy to share our insights with you.

Holidays are 300 pesos extra charge:

Oct 14 - Canadian Thanksgiving

Oct 31- Halloween

Nov 1-2 - Day of the Dead

Nov 28 - U.S. Thanksgiving

Dec 24 - Christmas Eve

Dec 25 - Christmas Day 500 extra cost for this day VERY LIMITED DELIVERY

Dec 31- New Year's Eve

Jan 1- New Years Day

Feb 14 - Valentine's Day

March 30,31,April 1,2 - Easter weekend

It is also the choice of my shoppers to work on Sundays or not. Sundays here in Mexico are family days!

There will be an additional charge for any delivery outside of our regular delivery area.  

If you continue to Booking Form please use the same name and e-mail for all communications that you sign up with. Also we ask for arrival time which means when your plane lands, as we estimate about 2 hours after landing for delivery. You must be present to receive groceries and pay your shopper!

Thank you for choosing PigOut Groceries and helping us support the local markets! 

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