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500 pesos gets you started with a Pig Out Shopper Pro.

This base price of 500 pesos covers the shopping time and delivery to Puerto Vallarta proper.  It includes Zona Romantica/Romantic Zone, La Marina, Versalles, 5 de Diciembre, Centro and Hotel Zone North. 

We work with a variety of local, trusted sources and have special discounts that help keep your ticket cost lower. We also have Costco & Sams Club Memberships.Our owner is a Chef, Sommelier and Restauranteur Gina Rae Hendrix of Whiskey Kitchen.

There is a 10% service fee added to tickets up to 6,000 pesos.  Orders that exceed 6,000 pesos, incur a 20% fee for any amount over 6,000 pesos.  Often we need an additional vehicle for larger orders.

Additional Surcharge by area, based on distance:

Amapas/Conchas Chinas 300 pesos

Mismaloya/Garza Blanca 300 pesos

Nuevo Vallarta/Vidanta,  500 pesos 

Bucerias/La Cruz 600 pesos

Punta Mita 700 pesos

We are ready to create a wonderful Puerto Vallarta experience, this is out home and we are happy to share our insights with you as well as our specialty providers and local stores.

Holidays are 300 pesos extra charge:

Jan 1- New Year's Day >500 extra charge

Feb 5 Constitution Day

Feb 14 Valentines Day 

March 18 Benito Juarez Birthday

March 29 Good Friday

Feb 14 - Valentine's Day

March 29,30, 31, April 1 - Easter weekend

May 1 Labor Day Mexico

June 2 Election Day

July 4 US Independence Day

Oct 14 - Canadian Thanksgiving

Oct 31- Halloween

Sept 16 Mexican Independence Day

Nov 1-2 - Day of the Dead

Nov 18 Revolution Day

Nov 28 - U.S. Thanksgiving

Dec 24 - Christmas Eve >500 extra charge

Dec 25 - Christmas Day LIMITED >500 extra charge

Dec 31- New Year's Eve >500 extra charge

Please keep in mind that Mexico logistics is NOT the same as the US. There will be a need for substitutions and changes.

Thank you for choosing PigOut Groceries and helping us support the local markets! 

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