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1-4 people - Shopping & Delivery charge $30 USD (Approx 600 pesos) plus the receipts from your grocery list. Total due in pesos upon delivery. 

5-10 people - Shopping & Delivery charge: $40 USD (Approx 800 pesos)

plus the receipts from your grocery list. Total due in pesos upon delivery.

Holidays - $15 USD extra (Approx. 280 pesos) 

Any order exceeding 5,000 pesos will be automatically charged 15% gratuity on your total bill for groceries. $15 USD extra charge for going outside our delivery zone -- to Nuevo Vallarta and anything south of Conchis Chinas.


The method of payment is cash only (in pesos) as I live in Mexico and deal with family Mexican markets. I charge for my services in accordance with the exchange rate so you have an idea of how much you will be paying in pesos.

Thank you for checking this out and hopefully I can make your stay a little more enjoyable!