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My Story

I started Pig Out Groceries because I discovered that there is a need for a grocery shopping service in Puerto Vallarta for incoming tourists and snowbirds as they arrive tired and hungry! My mission is to shop the local, family-owned markets and support my wonderful town! I have been catering for the Bay Area for over 10 years and know where to find the best, fresh markets for fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Leave the Shopping

You make the list and I will try to accommodate as best I can. Upon your arrival I can supply your casa with fresh salsa, refried beans, fresh, crisp tortilla chips and corn or flour tortillas (made daily). We all know we get off the plane hungry and just want to chill and get settled with a cold drink and snack! And how nice to have breakfast items for the next morning delivered so you can start relaxing the minute you arrive!


Meet Robin 

Hi! My name is Robin Spencer. I have been living in Puerto Vallarta for over a decade. I have an extensive background in catering and cooking and would love to help you have a relaxing stay by letting us do your shopping and delivery upon your arrival. I am no longer catering, and have changed my cooking skills into shopping skills, to provide incoming tourists with local Mexican food to your door.   

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